Conference and open house

Packaging matters,
so get in the loop

14.03.2023 - 15.03.2023



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Together with our partner Windmöller & Hölscher, we are tackling the current market challenges.

In March there was an exciting exchange of ideas at the International Conference ,,Packaging Matters, so Get in The Loop", combined with a production show at PDO on the only printing machine in Europe configured in this way!


Żnin Sugar Factory Hotel

Conference & Banquet


PDO Janowiec Wielkopolski

Open house

About the event

Why you should be here

The topics of the lectures oscillated around the loop, the graphic theme of the event. For PDO and W&H, it's not only a symbol of the closed-loop economy and product recycling, it's also a sign of cooperation between all the links important in the production, distribution and use of packaging. We are all important: producers of food, cosmetics and other packaged goods, suppliers of raw materials for packaging, manufacturers of printing machines, printers, retail chains, consumers, sorters, recyclers. By creating a loop of conscious cooperation, we not only have an impact on the sustainability of our businesses, but also on how products and their packaging are perceived by current and future generations.

During the conference

During the Conference we pointed out the direction in which the packaging industry is heading. We presented specific solutions, disenchanted plastic and broke stereotypes about this material. We looked at the issue objectively from different points of view, presented many perspectives, and analyzed the process of packaging production taking into account its individual links. We asked questions, questioned "certainties," provoked reflection and inspired different green thinking.

Among the speakers on stage

On stage appeared University lecturers, scientists conducting research on packaging structures and experts in printing technology. Among other things, participants had the opportunity to learn about the challenges faced by Poland's largest recycler, find out how the topic of packaging looks from the perspective of representatives of a retail chain, listen to a lecture by a speaker experienced in the business world, and see what artists can do for our industry!

By attending the event you will gain

Participants of the event gained inspiration to implement environmentally friendly solutions. They gained knowledge, received examples of solutions, learned about new opportunities and directions. They also established contacts with representatives of the industry and circles related to pro-ecological activities, met interesting and inspiring people. We hope that the choices the participants will make will now be even more conscious and will benefit both the development of their business, their brand, their customers and the planet.

During the open house

During the open house, on the second day of the event, we took guests to our printing plant in Janowiec Wielkopolski. Participants had the opportunity to get to know PDO from behind the scenes, see how we operate and with whom we work. We introduced our biggest star - the only such configured Miraflex M10 printing machine in Europe from Windmöller & Hölscher. During the production show, our guests saw how the latest technology works and became convinced of its high printing quality. We also presented revolutionary barrier mono-material packaging, which not only serves a protective function, but is also recyclable.