About us

Pałucka Drukarnia Opakowań Sp. z o.o

The role of packaging in trade and marketing and, above all, in protecting the product is invaluable, and without the right setting even the best product loses its significance. Aesthetically pleasing form, colorful graphics and functionality are able to attract many times more customers than a product placed on the shelf without attention to packaging. In many situations it is essential for a product to be sold. This applies to cosmetics, liquid food products or cleaning chemicals, among others.
The design and production of colorful bags is the businaess of our company, which is a one-stop packaging production center. We have been operating in the market for more than 26 years, so we have accumulated extensive experience and completed a staff of experts in the packaging industry. We have an extensive machine park with our latest acquisition, which is the only such configured MIRAFLEX M10 printing machine by Windmöller & Hölscher, a top manufacturer from Germany, designed for flexographic printing.

The name reveals that we are a packaging printer, but in reality we do much more. Not only do we print packaging, but we also create it from scratch, doing graphic design for our clients. In addition, at our research and development center, we create alternative structures, analyze, research and look for environmentally friendly solutions so that brands launching products can offer attractive solutions that protect the products they sell. In addition to the printing process, lamination and cutting processes are leading the way in our machinery.

Our team

We are a family-owned company with more than 100 dedicated employees at its heart, each a specialist in his or her field. On board PDO we have not only experienced printers, but also a whole team of technologists, customer service advisors, quality specialists and an innovation team.
Our strength lies in the continuous expansion of the competence of all team members and their active participation in the creation of innovative solutions. For more than 26 years, our group of experts has been growing steadily, thanks in part to the establishment of the Printing Process Technical School, where we train our own staff. People are most important to us, because we know that when we take care of our employees, they will take care of you and your product.

PDO Janowiec Wlkp. – leader in the packaging industry

More than a quarter of a century of development and investment in the company has meant that today our packaging center remains the industry leader in the Polish market. We also sell packaging abroad, almost 40% of our production is exported to German, French, Dutch, Danish, Scandinavian markets. We continue to strive for excellence – we want to be even better for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

Packaging plant in Janowiec Wielkopolski

We specialize in supplying packaging to four industries – food, cosmetics, household chemicals and electronics. We are constantly taking on new challenges especially in the search for ecological, environmentally friendly materials. We are supported in comprehensive customer service and the best possible implementation of tasks by a graphic studio, and a research and development center.
It is there that the best designs are created, finished products are tested and new technologies are sought. We focus on ecology, reaching for biodegradable raw materials and using agents free of harmful solvents. Both as a packaging printer and manufacturer, we are in constant contact with potential customers, intensively contributing on social networks.

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